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Adding Architectural Pieces as Decor

1 October, 2016

Using architectural pieces as décor in your home is a perfect way to bring character to your home. I purchased this door for $20.00 on Craigslist and immediately fell in love.  It was from an old barn and layers of chippy paint made it irresistible!  I sanded the major chips (using a  mask in case of lead paint) and then applied two coats of poly to seal the rest of the paint.  I left the hardware and added a twine swag.  I then attached some botanical prints with small clothespins and voila... a great conversation piece!  The great thing is it's easy to switch the prints with other items based on the seasons or holidays.

Neutral Fall Decorating

15 October, 2016

I love fall!  The cooler weather, changing colors and a chance to redecorate.  The outdoors are filled with oranges, reds, and yellows with the beauty of changing leaves.  That's why I like to use neutrals indoors.  There are so many options to use to create a cozy fall theme in your home. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • burlap sacks and ribbon
  • cream color hyacinths
  • eucalyptus
  • twine balls
  • cream pearls or beads
  • white/ cream/ light blue pumpkins
  • white ceramic or burnished silver items
  • and of course...candles

Neutral Fall Decorating...Outdoors!

23 October, 2016

Who else is obsessed with white pumpkins this year?  Seriously, aren't they amazingly beautiful?  I have decided to not only use neutrals inside for fall but outside as well.  To ensure your pumpkins last through thanksgiving, make sure there are no soft spots when buying.  When you get home put them in a solution of dawn and water (or apple cider vinegar and water) for a few minutes.  Wash, rinse and dry well.  This will get rid of dirt and bacteria that causes pumpkins to rot.  Carving is fun but there are SOOOO many more ways to decorate pumpkins.  I used silver tacks for this and just pushed them into the pumpkin in a fun pattern.  Other great ideas include gold and bronze decorative leaves, glitter paint, ribbon...your only limit is your own creativity!  Share your ideas ! I would love to know how you're decorating this fall.

    Who's ready for Thanksgiving?

    13 November, 2016

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the crisp in the air this morning has me ready to start cooking and baking!  Here's my tips and tricks to having a smooth Thanksgiving (or any holiday) dinner....

    First, create a shopping list.  I've created one grocery list for everything I make for holiday dinners, then I print it out and go thru cabinets to see what I have and cross those items off the list.  Voila... you're shopping list is complete.  I also clean out my refrigerator, freezer and cabinets in preparation of the shopping trip to ensure I have plenty of space.

    The day before I bake all my pies and sweets and get the buffet table ready.  I pick a great piece of fabric to use on the buffet table and stagger the heights of dishes using upside down bowls and paint cans to vary the heights and give dimension.  Then I can add pinecones, mini pumpkins and other décor to the table.  I decorate the dining table with similar décor and candles.  Next, I get out all my dishes I'm using on the buffet and place them where they will go when they're filled with all that yummy food. (I also like to label them with a sticky note, that way as I'm cooking I can grab the dish I need and I'm not searching through the cabinets in a panic.

    Holiday dinners don't have to be stressful if you organize beforehand.  That way you can relax, turn on some tunes, pour a glass of wine, and truly enjoy cooking your meal!

      Organizing for the New Year!

      12 January 2017

      The holidays are over! Now is the time to breathe a sigh of relief and get organized! No doubt, your children received more toys for the holidays than you know what to do with. Naturally, children tend to accumulate things and not want to let go. Now that the new year is upon us, it is the perfect time to clean out and organize. Get your children involved from the very beginning, explain to them that together, you will be sorting through toys, games, books and whatever else they have laying around. Talk to your children about donating toys that they no longer play with or perhaps selling the nicer things on craigslist or ebay. Books that are in good condition can sometimes be donated to you local school or public library. Toss out any broken items or toys that are missing pieces. When you have finished weeding through the chaos, you will assess the items left and decide how to best organize them.

      There are so many organizational pieces on the market now, that you will more than likely be able to find something to hold everything. I have found a very easy way to organize young children is a large bookcase or shelf system and lots of attractive bins, boxes and baskets. Coloring books and drawing paper can be kept in flat boxes, while fabric bins can be used for action figures, barbies, trucks, etc. Art supplies like crayons and markers can be placed in jars for easy access. Larger trucks and stuffed animals can be sat on the shelves individually. Be sure to take your children along when shopping for containers and let them help you pick things out, this will help ensure that they will use the system being put into place. Organization is a learned behavior, so teaching your child at an early age will make life easier for years to come.

        Pantone Color trends for 2017 take a cue from Nature!

        20 January 2017

        Pantone has released their color trends for 2017 and as you can see they are based in nature.  From leafy greens to cool water blues with accents of pink flowers and autumn leaves, this color palette is sure to appeal to everyone.

          Easter Basket Fun!

          15 April 2017

          Easter is a time for enjoying chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs, and other candies. There has been a lot of talk about childhood obesity in America and many parents, including myself are looking for other options to fill up our little ones baskets.

          I have gathered some ideas to share with everyone. All of these are based around other fun suff with a bit of candy mixed in.

          1. Movie basket.....Grab a movie, microwave popcorn, juice boxes, a comfy blanket, and a box of movie candy, place in a "popcorn" bucket.

          2. Summer Fun.....Pick up an inexpensive beach bucket, add in a fun beach towel, sand castle tools, floaties or a swim ring, blow up beach ball, sunglasses, and don't forget the sunscreen.

          3. Little Diva Basket.....For the little "Diva" in your life, pick up bright colors of nail polish, nail stickers, lip gloss, hair accessories and a cute bin to keep it all in. For a special touch, add her name in glitter.

          Hope this helps make Easter a bit easier for everyone. Be creative and have fun finding items that won't put your kids on a sugar high.

            Memorial Day Cookout!

            18 May 2017

            Hi Guys! 

            Summer is around the corner, and I know there are a lot of cookouts planned so I thought I would share some creative ideas on kicking up your backyard picnic!  I love the idea of a burger and dog bar.  Put out different cheeses & toppings on pretty platters and bowls.  Go beyond the traditional ketchup, mustard, and american cheese.  Instead opt for cheeses like Havarti, Provolone, & Cooper.  For toppings think outside the box and try grilled pineapple, different peppers, flavored ketchup, spicy mayo, salsa, & grilled onions.  Guests can help themselves and try new things!  Use tin buckets from the dollar store to corral utensils and napkins.  Try mason jars for glasses and add a chalkboard sticker so guests can write their name.  Let me know your favorite toppings and lets KICKOFF SUMMER with a crowd pleasing cookout!

            DIY Fourth of July Wreath

            19 June 2017

            Fourth of July is a fun filled holiday and the DIY projects for the fourth are overflowing everywhere you look.  I absolutely love this idea for a fun wreath made from recycled denim and fabric scraps.  If you don't have old jeans and red and white gingham laying around, take a trip to Goodwill then all you have to do is cut the fabrics into strips and tie them onto a wire circle made from an old wire hanger.  How easy is this fabulous project?  

            Courtesy of Beyond the Aisle